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Who's the Little Ninja Wu ?

Little Ninja Wu is a game of adventure and action, it takes you into several universes: Green Forest, Desert, Sahara, volcano and other location. Some levels require reflex and intelligibility, easy and difficult at the same time. The story is about a little ninja, who will be forced to leave his village and bring the katana (subject of conflict) in a safe place. The great katana has a magic power of the seven fighters of the extreme east : Warriors of the shadow, the assassins of Kitsune with seven queus, the masters of Kung Fu, the last Samurais, the reborn tigers, the Hokages princes, The Saga of evil. After several wars, the little ninja's mission will be to bring the mighty Katana in a very far place by searching for a clan called the 7 chakras clan. During his journey through many lands, our hero has to face many challenges, such as cutting machines of all sizes, the giant spider,jelly monsters, deamons, dragons' mother, traps of the great sahara, and dangerous obstacles. Our little man is going to face several dangers in his quest like ranger, but fortunately the powerful katana he carries on him, transmits a little of his safe power : he can fire lightning and destroy everything !! During the adventure, it is possible to overcome the obstacles by using the magical powers of colored diamonds and the magic potions that make him invincible, and even, in case of defeat, our adventurer can come back to life using the bitcoins of ninja (they are fake bitcoins and not crypto currency). This future shipuden Ninja will have to make also fatal fights of survival for passes the kingdom of the dragons and the famous red volcano. On the path, the player must demonstrate iron efficiency in terms of speed of jump and fire to pass certain passages. The graphics used are created carefully to give a rich environment in colors and effects, spring, summer and autumn colors are obvious. the animation of the character is improved to give a fluidity to the game even in combat and interaction with the enemies. So if you're lucky you will finde the color road to kick the magic Buddy. Hope this game will please you !